The Nittardi The property is located on the border between the provinces of Siena and Florence and was originally a well-known defensive tower in 1183 under the name “ Nectar Dei ” (Nectar of the Gods).

“I prefer two barrels of wine to eight shirts.”

In the 16th century, the extensive estate belonged to the Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarroti , who, when painting the Sistine Chapel in 1549, wrote to his nephew Leonardo: "I prefer two barrels of wine to eight shirts". On this occasion he also sent wine to Rome as a “genuine gift” to Pope Paolo III. In memory of this tradition, the first bottles of “Nectar Dei”, the top wine from the Maremma vineyards, are presented to the Pope every year.

Over the centuries, the property was in the hands of various owners, until the Frankfurt publisher and gallery owner Peter Femfert 1981 together with his wife Stefania Canali , historian from Venice, took over the estate. Stefania and Peter Nittardi renovated little by little with a lot of love and care. The vineyards were replanted and in 1992 the old cellar was replaced by a modern one. A competent team of wine-loving experts was put together, led by the oenologist Carlo Ferrini and the commercial director Giorgio Conte . Since 2013 is also Léon Femfert , Stefania and Peter's eldest son, is fully employed at the winery and controls both the production and the economic aspects of Nittardi.

Another substantial piece of land was purchased in 1999 in the Maremma, near the southern Tuscan coast. Since then, 20 hectares have been planted with autoctonous and international grape varieties. Grow in this wonderful place Ad Astra and Nectar Dei , Nittardis Super Tuscans. In 2012, Maremma also became the birthplace of Nittardi's first white wine: BEN , a pure Vermentino.