The Sustainable Way

BIO certified and DEMETER licensed online store

The group of biodynamic winegrowers has been growing in the Colline Lucchesi for years. The movement to treat nature with respect started here more than 20 years ago. The Vignaiolos support and advise each other, as special cultivation skills are required to create a balanced and stable environment for the vines. The sensitive ecosystem is cultivated without the use of pesticides, but with the greatest possible diversity. In the north of Tuscany between the Apennines and the Mediterranean, they produce expressive, mineral wines with character and genuine aromas.

As Lucchese, I would like to share these particularly digestible wines with you. Also in appreciation of the Vignaiolos who are so committed, careful and resource-saving in preserving the valuable soil. Here you will find a small but fine selection of Italian organic and biodynamic wines and foods. Natural enjoyment and sustainability are important criteria for choosing our products. You will find specialties from Tuscany, but also delicacies that I find when traveling through Italy.