Piombaia – Montalcino

The Piombaia farm was born from the merger of two families: the Rossi family from Montalcino and the Cantini family from Pisa.
In the fifth generation of Rossi-Cantini, the siblings Vittorio, Francesco and Cecilia run the family business and, since 2008, have decided to apply the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture, which have completely revolutionized the way of life and work on the farm: no effort of synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides or large agricultural machinery, but rather the rediscovery of the rhythms of nature, the passage of time and the decision to let horses run freely in the vineyard, used as a natural weed killer.

The Piombaia vineyards are located in the north-east of Montalcino and are divided into two plots of different ages and levels. The plot of the cross is about 8 hectares and 35 years old. It consists of 6.5 hectares of Sangiovese grosso and 1.5 hectares of Merlot, it is located on a clayey-sandy soil with different concentrations depending on the areas that it contains, with an average altitude of 450 meters above sea level . The other plot of 4 hectares of Sangiovese grosso is about 45/50 years old and is located near the Civitella hill, 80 meters above sea level, on a gently sloping hill composed of stony marlstone soils and facing southeast.

The vineyard is the pivotal point around which everything moves. In fact, the majority of the work takes place in the vineyard, from sensitive pruning to green manure, the use of horses instead of tractors and the harvest, all done entirely by hand. The aim is to strengthen fertility and vitality using natural means. Compost is the main fertilizer made from solid farmyard manure and plant material. Green manure, crop rotation, mechanical pest control, mineral and plant-based plant protection products are further means of supporting the vitality of the vine.

Plants and flowers' primary role is to support the growth of the vine by nourishing the subsoil. While we work intensively in the vineyard, we proceed gently in the cellar: the tanks without a controlled temperature, the spontaneous fermentation without the addition of yeasts and sulphites, the long storage in wood, the decanting and filtering reduced to a minimum ensure that the Piombaia -Wine can develop its full potential.

Biodynamics and Agriculture. Two words that represent a way of working the soil, observing and living. A philosophy of life that appreciates all the harmony of a cultivated field, the sequence of seasons and time.
With the biodynamic method, agriculture is in harmony with nature, the earth and people.