Podere Forte

A story of integration, of active exchange between the farm and the human hand: this is what Podere Forte is all about.

A system guided by a contemporary, forward-looking vision that embraces biodynamics and reflects it in all directions.

A place that preserves the living and improves it with full respect for the environment. Each element is connected to the other parts, and the parts reconnect to form a whole. Nothing is left to chance and everything works together to create a unique cycle.


The Val d'Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004, surrounds the Podere Forte. The estate was founded in 1997 by Pasquale Forte, a visionary entrepreneur who has created a balanced system in which each element complements the other, following the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture. On the 500-hectare estate, the ancient concept of the "corte romana" has been revived: a place where people, plants and animals coexist in harmony and sustainable self-sufficiency. A celebration of biodiversity.



"We work the fields as we did 2,000 years ago, but in the winery we are 200 years ahead," says Pasquale Forte, who has revived the peasant winemaking traditions of the Val d'Orcia. Advanced techniques and precision agriculture have transformed the landscape, brought prestige and produced quality products.

The olive groves cover 26 hectares and in 2020 the production of the first varietal oil from the Frantoio variety was started.

The man

"We eat bread made from our own rare and ancient grains. In the winery, our yeasts are also native... The result is natural products that are cared for and managed with real passion to rediscover their flavors and aromas. Intense aromatic oil, golden honey with floral scent, cured meats that taste of hazelnut and chestnut, and last but not least our wines...", Pasquale Forte summarizes.

The linchpin of this ecosystem is human health.



To complement our organic and biodynamic practices, in 2010 Podere Forte adopted voluntary ISO 14001 certification, which provides for 360˚ environmental monitoring and a careful review of compliance obligations, risks and opportunities to improve and respect the environment.

Carbon neutral target

The estate has set a goal to become completely carbon neutral by 2035, using alternative energy sources and electric farm machinery, and relying entirely on recycled materials.


Biodynamic practices were introduced in 2007 and the estate's products were certified in 2011.

The care of the soil, which can be thought of as a living, breathing skin, aims to increase its vitality, which is manifested in humus. Humus, "soil", is a constantly evolving process, and the protection of the soil, seen in this way, is one of the pillars of biodynamics. The typical biodynamic tools are the preparations, natural methods that stimulate, regulate and direct the biological processes of the winery towards a balance in the wine, the winery and the place.


We have been practicing organic farming since 2005. A decision that allows the respect and the valorization of the soil and the ecosystem

The Chapel of the Madonna di Vitaleta, sacred symbol of the Val d'Orcia

San Quirico d'Orcia, July 19, 2021 - The Chapel of the Madonna di Vitaleta is a small jewel set among six iconic cypress trees near San Quirico d'Orcia, a small town in the center of the valley that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This church, steeped in history, was recently restored and returned to the community of San Quirico and beyond, now rediscovering its sacred, intimate and timeless essence.



Located next to the chapel, the "RistoroVitaleta" is a new restaurant created for all visitors who want to spend a short stay there to enjoy the delicacies of the area and Podere Forte. The offer includes hams and cold cuts from Cinta Senese pigs, extra virgin olive oil with the Terre di Siena Protected Designation of Origin, fresh bread made with durum wheat flour from Senatore Cappelli and other typical products selected from the gastronomic delights of the Orcia Valley, as well as the wines of Podere Forte.