Tasi Wine

Territorial wines, unique, authentic and genuine, the result of natural cultivation and passion.

our philosophy
Is it possible these days to talk about quality without talking about real sustainability?
In our opinion not.
This is the cornerstone of our philosophy that guides us every day in the challenge of producing “the best wine possible”.
So what does quality mean to us?

Authenticity: The wine must be a representative expression of the terroir and grape variety.
Sustainability: The wine must be alive, the fruit of a healthy environment, and as such it must be treated without manipulations that adulterate it and/or reduce its vitality.
Craftsmanship: Wine must be made with passion and attention to detail.
Uniqueness: The wine must not follow fashions, but must be the unique and free expression of a vineyard and the philosophy of those who work it; there must be a reason why more than one glass fits in a bottle.

A new agriculture
Following the basic principles of biodynamics, we work to integrate our vineyards into the natural landscape that surrounds us.
We protect and promote biodiversity by maintaining large areas of forest around our vineyards, raising animals and integrating other cultures.
We work to restore the balance and natural fertility of the soil through a range of practices such as biodynamic piling, green manure, the use of microorganisms and herbal teas.

Vines that grow in healthier soils rich in microorganisms and microbiological activity can develop stronger and deeper root systems that allow them to absorb the mineral salts present in the soil.
By using microelements and herbal teas, we also work to develop the vines' natural resistance to pathogens.
All our work is aimed at obtaining healthier, more aromatic and flavorful grapes that are truly representative of our territory.

A new way of making wine
The work in the wine cellar follows the same ideas and principles that guide us in the vineyard all year round.
After years of practice and research to produce wines that are an authentic expression of the territory and our vineyards, today we use only indigenous yeasts, avoid filtration and manipulation processes that alter the authenticity of the wine and add sulfites only in minimal quantities added.