Tenuta Sanoner

Born out of love for wine, grown with passion

The young Tenuta Sanoner winery is located in a landscape of exceptional beauty. With a wide view over the rolling hills of Tuscany. Chosen for a fascinating project.

The purpose of the wine cellar is primarily to produce excellent wines. The advanced technology enables highly professional processes.

The wine cellar of the Tenuta Sanoner winery

When we decided to build a wine cellar, we thought about it for a long time. The gentle slope above the Orcia river valley inspired us to set the structure deep into the slope to allow the wine to be processed using natural flow processes. It was also important to us to enable visitors to experience the different stages of wine processing. The result is a special gem in modern, sober architecture with a touch of elegance in a fantastic panoramic location.

We also follow organic guidelines when it comes to cellaring, supported by innovative cellar technology. We pay full attention to careful processing and maturation and take care of every detail. We do not use any additional dyes or other chemical agents. Our wines develop the scent and character of the earth on which they grow.

Organic and biodynamic cultivation

What is good for nature is also good for people

our philosophy

As guests of nature, we follow its times and rhythms. We harvest the fruits of the soil and transform them into a nectar that carries the character of this terroir.

The cycles of nature

We limit our interventions in the natural growth process to a minimum and accompany it carefully. We are aware that we are only a small link in the chain of nature's cycles.

Sustainable care of the floors and the utmost care in processing

The vineyard as a living organism is cared for using a low-intervention approach. Taking into account the natural daily and seasonal rhythms. A basic idea that continues from the vine to processing and storage. Because our goal is to produce authentic wines. Expressive, like the character of this unique landscape.

Organic and biodynamic cultivation

Our goal is to produce first-class wines. Nurtured from the fertile soil of a hilly landscape with ideal exposure and blown by a mild breeze. We follow the strict guidelines of biodynamic cultivation, in accordance with our philosophy: optimal grape quality through sustainable care of the soil and vines, combined with careful cellar technology.

The right moment

We constantly measure the ripeness of the grapes and harvest at the optimal time. This is achieved for rosé and sparkling wine when the balance of fructose, acid and aroma is achieved. When the grape seeds and skins are fully ripe, it is time to cellar the red wine. The grapes are picked and sorted exclusively by hand. The grapes are then placed in special cement vats for fermentation by natural fall, preferably in an undamaged condition.

Contemporary processing

The innovative wine processing techniques comply with European guidelines for the production of organic wines. Modern, highly technical air conditioning systems regulate the temperature of the rooms and in the wine tanks, as well as the humidity. The red wines are aged in special cement vats. All processing processes take place using gravity.