Fabbrica Di San Martino

Biodynamic agriculture

Since our farm is certified both organic (Bioagricert) and biodynamic (Demeter), the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers is prohibited.

Because we want to promote biodiversity, different animals live together in the same habitat, for example bees, cows and donkeys. In comparison to industrial agriculture, the focus of biodynamic agriculture is not just on production, but rather on maintaining soil fertility and productivity. Very pure products that are an authentic expression of our work and love for our country!

The vineyard

Biodynamic farming is based on a close connection between vineyard and winemaker.

At certain times of the year we use biodynamic preparations that represent a connection between the animal and plant kingdoms to energize and revitalize the soil: 500 horn manure is used to increase the fertility of the soil; 501 Horn Silica, made from crushed quartz, is used to improve photosynthesis. Both preparations are diluted in water according to the principles of dynamization and then sprayed onto the soil and vines.

Through biodynamic farming, we do not change the natural cycles of the vines, so our products are healthy, unique and typical

The winecellar

When we bring the grapes into the wine cellar, they are a pure expression of the minerality of the soil, the season and the varieties of our vines. We want to preserve their unique properties and therefore avoid using external laboratory yeasts throughout the entire process. We only use the natural yeasts from our grapes.

Fermentation occurs completely naturally; We do not use additives such as clarifying agents. The wine is not filtered and the sulfur dioxide levels are generally low. In this way we preserve the “territoriality” of our wine and the health of our customers.

Biodynamic cultivation gives our wines a great intensity of taste, which are never the same but change and develop from year to year. They are unconventional and not standardized like our territory. They have typical features of Lucca.